FERRARI & NERVI since more 25 years study, plan and produce ironing machines and accessories
for the clothing industry particularly the shirts sector.

The FERRARI & NERVI machinery have been planted all over the world in the works
of the most famous "griffes" of the clothing trade.

Our production includes the collar machine with simple or double ironing,
endowed with mould and countermould
, currently the best way for the ironing of the collar.

The cuff machine with simple or double ironing head and the Teflon sheets equipment.

The new shirt folding table with expansible head.

The shirt folding machine and the new automatic shirts folding machine.
On all the range of the folding tables is possible mount the inside folding device.

Complete the range the shirt collar point machine, the shirt collar marker device ,
the envelopment machine and the thermo adhesive fixer.

All our production is certified with the CE 392/ 89 mark.