Semiautomatic shirts folding table
The TPCSA model is an innovating 5 heads shirt folding table as regards the traditional machines.
Fast and "self-centring" positioning of the shirt.
Horizontally drive cardboard plate flowing in two positions to favour the double folding of the bottom of the shirt.
The movement of the drive cardboard plate is semiautomatic.
Adjustable pneumatic collar stretcher to obtain a perfect collar ironing.
Low tension feeding ironing resistances.
Complete with collar stretcher,bright guide buttons,cardboard plate, shelf, iron plug and adjustable legs in height.
The machine is available for the flat (type 1),half-round (type2) round (type 3) or circular (type 4 )heads.
Please refer to the data of figure below to order the cardboard plate which must be equal to the internal cardboard.
High production.

Of this model also exists the version TPCSA API equipped with the the inside folding of the shirt system .

Type 1 flat

Type 2 half round

Type 3 round

Type 4 circular

Electrical feed V - Hz 220 50/60
Compressed air Bar 6
Installed power kW 0.8
Compressed air consumption NL/piece 8
Overall dimensions
Cm 55x175x100 (h)
Kg 100