Shirts folding table
with expansible head

The TPCE/2 model is an innovating shirt folding table.
The ironing of the collar happens through a expansion head.
It is possible fold up shirts from the 36 until 48 italian size.
A size selector allows a perfect ironing like in the traditional tables.
The cardboards plate is adjustable in width and lenght to adapt of the many types of cardboard.
Adjustable pneumatic collar stretcher to obtain a perfect collar ironing.
Low tension feeding ironing resistances.
Complete with electronic thermostat,two shelves,iron plug and adjustable legs in height.
The machine is available for the flat (type 1),half-round (type2)
round (type 3) or circular (type 4 )heads.
The top of the table is large and stuffed.
High production and quality.

Type 1 flat

Type 2 half round

Type 3 round

Type 4 circular

Electrical feed V - Hz 220 50/60
Compressed air Bar 6
Installed power kW 0,3
Compressed air consumption NL/piece 10
Overall dimensions
Cm 135x70x90
Kg 110