Shirt collars-cuffs ironing machine
with double ironing
Automatic machine for the ironing of collars and cuffs.
Quick change from collars ironing to cuffs ironing.
The ironing happens by means of templates,mould and countermould, to obtain a perfect ironing
of the point and on all the profile of the collar.
Double collar ironing system : first ironing- templates extraction - second ironing.
Diversified regulation of the times and pressures of collar ironing.
Simple cuffs ironing.
Possibility of collar and cuffs ironing with universal plate.
Pneumatic collar turning device.
Low tension feeding ironing resistances.
Endowed with Teflon sheets to avoid the shine of the collar.
Fast change of mould and countermould without tools.
Is not possible ironing collas and cuffs in the same time

The STCP model is the same machine but it don't allow the double collars ironing.

Kit di stiratura con stampo e controstampo
Il sistema migliore per lo stiro del collo.
Elevata qualità finale
Facilità e velocità di sostituzione
Realizzazione su misura

Ironing kit with mould and counter mould
The best system for the shirt collar ironing
High final quality
Easy and quick to replace
Kit made to measure

Type 1
Type 2
Type 3

Electrical feed V - Hz 220 50/60
Compressed air Bar 6
Installed power kW 1,6
Compressed air consumption NL/piece 14
Overall dimensions
Cm 80x68x130 (h)
Kg 200