Shirt collars-cuffs ironing machine
with single ironing head

The STCP/1 is a innovating machine studied for the little shirtsmaker which wants
have a high quality of ironinQuick change from collars ironing to cuffs ironing.
The ironing happens by means of templates,mould and countermould, to obtain a perfect ironing
of the point and on all the profile of the collar. g of the collar and the cuff.
Possibility of collar and cuffs ironing with universal plate.
It allows the ironing of the with large size cuffs.
The templates expander group is equipped with a mechanical regulator to
obviate the no perfect positioning of the seam's cuff under or above the templates
Pneumatic collar turning device.
Low tension feeding ironing resistances.
Endowed with Teflon sheets to avoid the shine of the collar.
Fast change of mould and countermould without tools.
Is not possible ironing collas and cuffs in the same time


Moulder and countermoulder

Cuffs templates

Electrical feed V - Hz 220 50/60
Compressed air Bar 6
Installed power kW 0.8
Compressed air consumption NL/piece 4.5
Overall dimensions
Cm60x68x130 (h)
Kg 100