Envelopment machine
The MIC model is a machine for the fast envelopment of shirt,underwear,knittings,hosiery, pants etc
. The envelopement happens through the inflate, caused by an electric fan, of the plastic pounches layng on the left plan. The used plastic bag must have one edge longer and they are kept by a steel plate during the inflate.
The machine could be furnished in two widths : 35 cm, and up to 45 cm.according to the width of the pouch.
To application the MIC model has furnished with a support frame.
The speed and the course of the air could be regulate through an electronic device.
The hourly production wanders on the 400 pieces/hour.

Electrical feed V - Hz 220 50/60
Installed power kW 0,1
Air fan capacity Cubic meter/hour 5
Overall dimensions
Cm 39x92x33 (MIC 35) 48x92x33 (MIC 45)
Kg 17 (MIC 35) 20 (MIC 45)